Welcome! You may be wondering why my picture is on a website entitled "Stripling Warrior".  The story of the 2000 Stripling Warriors is one of my favorite stories from a popular Best Seller.  The story is about an amazing army of young men that really stepped up during a difficult time and became the most valiant and courageous of warriors.  The story of these stripling warriors represents an interesting conflict between pacifism and militarism.  The parents of these warriors were the last of a thread of pacifists and martyrs that made a covenant to never again use weapons of war.  Rather than shed the blood of men, they decided they would give up their own lives if necessary in defense of this covenant.  When they were later attacked, they went out to meet their enemy without putting up any resistance, and the enemy began to fall upon them and slay them.

After over 1000 people were meaninglessly slaughtered, the enemy developed a conscience for the senseless killing, leading to an end of the awful carnage.  However, the enemy continued to antagonize this peaceful group of people for over a decade, until the people had enough abuse and considered breaking the oath they had once made to not fight back.  It was at that point that two thousand of their sons, who had been too young at the time to have made the original covenant, stepped up and entered into their own covenant to fight for the liberty of their people and to protect their land with their lives.  Many of these young men were likely in their teens.

The enemy was known for their brutal antics and had a reputation that made this an incredible task for the group of 2,000 young men.  Can you imagine seeing at such a young age the barbaric slaughter of your friends and family in your own neighborhood, and then someday growing up to be faced with the challenge of taking this same enemy on yourself?  These were indeed extraordinary young men.  According to the story, these young men were exceedingly valiant and courageous, and possessed great moral strength.  Men who were true at all times in all that they were entrusted, men of great soberness and maturity.  They were led by a fearless general named Helaman.

The army was used extensively in several campaigns and proved to be a most effective military unit.  The story tells how these young men fought valiantly against a much older and much more experienced army, and had such a powerful effect that they were able to really intimidate and frighten their enemy.  These 2000 inexperienced young men were so prepared, and so powerful, and after many of the enemy had fallen, the mere presence of these young men frightened their foes into a state of desperate surrender!  You would expect such a group of invincible warriors to boast in their own superiority and military prowess.  Rather, these young men credit the wisdom of their mothers and their faith in God.  This story is a thriller that is exciting and most inspiring.  Though every one of the 2000 soldiers was wounded at one time or another, not even one of them ever died from battle.

This is actually a true story that took place about 64 B.C.  The story comes from a record of a people that lived in the Americas as early as 590 B.c.  Many of you may know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes referred to as "Mormons".  The word "Mormon" is in reference to the name of a prophet that lived in the Americas about 400 A.D.  Mormon was entrusted with the records of a people that had left the land of Jerusalem and came to the Americas 600 years before Christ's earthly ministry.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe the Bible to be the word of God.  We also believe The Book of Mormon to be the word of God, an ancient record of the Americas that like the Bible, testifies of Jesus Christ.  Stories like this are one of many reasons why this book has sold over 150,000,000 copies and has been translated in 107 languages.  Even people who doubt the implications of this amazing book still find enjoyment in reading about the many wonderfully amazing stories contained in The Book of Mormon.

I have included some of these stories below.  If you enjoyed this story, please check out these other stories!  Another of my favorite stories is entitled "Ammon, A Great Servant".  Your kids will love this heroic story about a man who cuts off the arms of his attackers in defense of the Kings flock.  And you don't want to miss out on reading about the destruction across the land following Christ's crucifixion followed by an account of Christ's ministry to this people, entitled "Christ in America".

You can also click here to read the actual account from the Book of Mormon of Helaman and his 2000 Stripling Warriors, beginning with Chapter 53, verse 10.

And if you would like to know more about The Book of Mormon, please first read my personal testimony about how this book has had a huge impact on my life!  I hope you have fun browsing this website.  Sincerely, Burke McConkie

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